Is it time for a floor polish?

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There is something about the human mind that just appreciates shiny things. We all know that when things lose their shine, they instantly become less attractive. When the object losing shine is your floor, there is a need for concern. As an architect or interior designer will tell you, a floor has the ability to make an entire room stand out, but it is also capable of bringing down the aesthetic appeal of the room if there is something wrong with it. It is really important to take care of your floors, especially the timber and the stone ones (because they may lose their shine). The Tile and Stone Specialists has some advice on how to avoid damage to these types of floors and how often to get a professional polish to increase shine.

Scratches and Dents

Scratches and dents mostly occur from protruding parts of the furniture and vacuum cleaners. Be careful not to drag furniture across the floor. Or, you can try using protective pads on your furniture legs. Pets with long nails can also cause scratches, so make sure your pets are well-groomed.

Dirt and Grit

Even after regular cleaning, vacuuming and wiping, dirt, grit, and grime may build up on your stone floor. Try using and rotating carefully placed mats and avoid using shoes to limit traffic on the floor.

Don’t Wait

If you feel like it’s time for a floor polish, then it probably is, because no one knows your own floor more than you do. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to solve the issue whether it is scratches or dirt. So, don’t wait around and magnify the problem. Get professional help as soon as possible. When you decide that it is time for a stone polishing, marble polishing, or floor polishing in general, don’t hesitate to call the best team for the job on the Sunshine Coast. We will be more than happy to help you out.