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Benefits Of Floor Tile Sealing
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Sealing your tile floors has the potential to cut the amount of time you spend cleaning by approximately 50%! Sealing the surface ensures that dirt and debris can be simply wiped away without the need for intensive scrubbing or harsh chemicals, which is not only good for your health but saves you time too.

What's more, when done properly, tile floor sealing can prevent you from having to scrape out and replace the grout in the future, saving you a lot of money and stress. It's a common misconception that tile grout is designed to last forever, so people often get complacent. While it can last a very long time, grout will quickly deteriorate in humid conditions, so sealing it is essential.

Stone And Tile Sealing Services In Sunshine Coast

Strengthening Your Tile

It's extremely important to properly maintain your stone and tile to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful result for your property.

At The Tile & Stone Specialists, we provide trusted and effective sealing services for all types of stone and tile to help make your home or business look beautiful and last longer.

Using High-Quality Products

To better serve our clients with the results they desire, we only use high-quality and long-lasting sealers for your stone and tile. Our team uses trusted brands like Tensens and Prochem to ensure your tile and stone flooring is well protected and ready for long-term use.

Helping Take Care of Your Property

When it comes to sealing tile and stone, it's important to schedule regular sealing sessions to make sure that your areas are taken care of. With predictive maintenance, your tiles and grout will be protected against dirt, grease, stains and more.

Quality Floor Tile Sealing

No matter where you install tiles in your commercial or domestic property, it is essential they are properly sealed in order to preserve their quality. Porous floor tiles, including porcelain, terracotta, limestone, concrete and marble, should be sealed as soon as they are laid to avoid staining and preserve their condition.

At The Tile & Stone Specialists, we provide high-quality floor tile sealing and resealing services on the Sunshine Coast.

Restore Your Tiles

If your tiles are looking dull or dirty, they will most likely benefit from deep cleaning and resealing services. Our team have the specialist tools and knowledge to thoroughly clean your tiles and remove any stains or marks.

Once we have your tiles shining like new again, we will reseal your floor tiles, locking them in their new, clean condition. It is important tiles are regularly restored not only for aesthetic purposes but for health reasons also as mould and mildew can grow between tiles if they are not properly cleaned and restored.

If you need to restore your tiles, you will also need to consider cleaning and sealing your grouting. Grouting can often stain more easily than tiles and can quickly chip or become damaged if not sealed correctly, creating an uneven and unsightly surface.

If grout has become badly stained, re-grouting and sealing your tiles may be the more effective long-term option for you.

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At The Stone & Tile Specialists, we have over 30 years of experience providing floor tile sealing services. No matter what condition your tiles may be in, our expert team can provide the cleaning and sealing services you need.

Alternatively, if you have recently had new tiles installed, we can provide first-class sealing services to keep your tiles in top condition.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about commercial or domestic floor tile sealing services on the Sunshine Coast.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does tile sealer work?

Tile sealer works by providing a protective layer on top of tiles that is water-resistant. This prevents oil, dirt and water from staining porous tiles. Typically tile sealer is effective after just one layer but some sealing products may require multiple layers.

When should you seal tiles?

You should seal your tiles as soon as they are installed and grouted. Floor tiles should be cleaned and resealed every four years in order to preserve their quality. If you frequently use harsh chemicals on your tiles, you may need to consider sealing and cleaning services more regularly.

How do you clean tiles before sealing?

At The Stone & Tile Specialists, we have a specialist floor tile cleaning system that involves vacuuming, mopping, pre-conditioning, scrubbing and deep steam cleaning.

We also ensure to prepare an area before we begin cleaning and reseal the tiles once cleaning has been completed. We can also provide high-pressure cleaning services for outdoor floor tiles.

Is it better to seal the tiles or the grout?

If you can, you want to seal both! Most tile floor installers don't seal floors because the grout has to cure first, but due to its porous nature, grout will stain quickly, so it's important not to skip this step. Regularly resealing your tiles and grout is also important if you want to keep your floor looking as good as new.

What is the best way to tell whether grout has been sealed?

You can determine whether or not your tile and grout have been sealed by simply sprinkling a few droplets of water on them. If they get darker or change colour, it is likely that they aren't sealed. If they remain the same, then they more than likely are sealed.

How often should I reseal my tiled floor?

There is no straightforward answer to this and it's usually a good idea to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. However, if it's been years since you had your tiles laid and you've not sealed them since, you may want to do so now. If your tiles are outside and exposed to the elements, they're likely to deteriorate much quicker than bathroom or kitchen tiles, for example.

It's important to note, however, that grout in a bathroom that isn't properly ventilated is also subjected to high levels of humidity and moisture, which may cause it to deteriorate quickly. When you clean your shower or bathtub, check for loose tiles or grout that is peeling off. Both of these signs indicate your tiles need to be resealed.

Can I seal natural stone tiles?

Yes, and it's important to do so. Natural stone tiles are porous, which means they are more prone to discolouration and water absorption than other types of tiles. Because of this, it is essential to seal your natural stone tiles immediately after installation in order to avoid any further damage.

Can I use any tile sealer?

No! No one sealer is best for all situations. There are two types of sealers, membrane-forming and penetrating, and the one you need will depend on the type of tile you have and its location.

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