Tiles: What goes where?

Tiles What goes where
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Most things in the world are built for a specific purpose. Tiles are no different. Various types of tiles are built for various purposes and choosing the wrong tiles for the wrong purposes, can lead to a lot of problems. So, it is very important to choose your tiles according to their purpose and the location you are going to put them into. The Tile and Stone Specialists have put together a list of tiles according to their purpose to help you out.


Usually, the primary purpose of bathroom tiles is to prevent slips. Resistance to water and having a high friction coefficient is important. Bringing themed looks and being easy to clean are bonuses.


These hard and non-porous tiles are perfect for bathrooms. They are good all-round tiles that are low maintenance and tick all the boxes for safety and practicality.


This type is similar to ceramic but is made from much finer clay. These tiles are good for family bathrooms. They can take a lot of wear and tear while bringing a classic stone-like look at a fraction of the cost and maintenance.


Good for people who want a classic look but aren’t worried about the budget and don’t mind the occasional stone and marble polishing.


The main goals of kitchen tiles are to be impervious to oil spills and being easy to clean spices & other foodstuffs off.


These are sturdy and easy to clean. Stone doesn’t scratch easily so you can do all your knife work in peace.


This is a colourful and reflective tile that is easy to clean because of its smooth nature. These are usually a bit on the expensive side.


Really resilient and long-lasting. Good for kitchen walls and floors.

Regular Flooring

There aren’t many specialized tile types for regular flooring. Since there isn’t a specific purpose of regular flooring tiles, it usually comes down to what look you would like to bring to your floor and how much you would like to spend. If you want to go for a shiny look, polished porcelain is a great choice. If you want a rustic or natural feel, natural stone is a good way to go. If you just want a regular sort of tile, you can pick terracotta, porcelain, ceramic, wood-look, etc.