How to upgrade your flooring without retiling?

  • Tile Sealing

Although it has many advantages, retiling should not be your first and only option to rejuvenate your floor – sometimes, all your tiles need is a professional restoration to shine as they once did. By cleaning and sealing them, you will save both time and money without the need to rip up the entire floor. With that in mind, this article goes into the cleaning and sealing processes to detail how they can help you.

1. Clean The Tiles

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, it would be best to have your tiles professionally serviced every two years or so. Tile cleaning is at the core of this and can be a highly efficient way of recovering your fading tiles without the expense of replacing them wholesale.

Professionals do more than just scrub at the tiles and grouting to make sure that they are clean – they use a wide array of special solutions for a deep clean. Their routine includes:

  • - Vacuuming
  • - Mopping
  • - Polishing
  • - Degreasing
  • - High-pressure cleaning
  • - Deep steam cleaning
    • - and more to keep your tiles looking their best.

2. Seal The Tiles

It is often not enough to just clean your tiles, you must seal them too. This makes use of a special sealant that is formulated to enhance a tile’s resistance to stains and mess.

This is a technique applied primarily to porous tiles such as marble, slate, and travertine tiles. Porous tiles stain easily, while non-porous tiles such as porcelain do not – so the latter usually do not require sealing. You should not DIY a sealing solution – if done improperly, it will just be a waste of money. This is why a professional tile specialist must be the one to perform the tile sealing.

3. Outdoors And Indoors

Whether your tiled floors are outdoors or indoors, they can still benefit from rejuvenation. If people will see your outside tiles before the inside ones, then it's important to ensure both sets look great. First impressions can mean everything, so all of your tiles must be as beautiful as possible.

Outside, these tiles are exposed to the elements – this means cleaning them regularly is even more vital. If you do not keep on top of cleaning your outdoor tiles just as vigorously as your indoor ones, this could lead to an even greater risk of bacterial build-up.

It is important that you look after your tiles and understand how you can do that without a full overhaul – cleaning and sealing your tiles can help them thrive for many years to come. At The Tile & Stone Specialists, we have decades of experience in helping floors look their best. For more on how we can keep your tiled flooring in top shape, get in touch with us right away.