The Tile & Stone Specialists offer expert bathroom tiles cleaning services across the Sunshine Coast. Keeping your bathroom looking clean and fresh every day can be hard, especially if you have children or pets. Our tile cleaning services are designed to help you keep your bathroom tiles looking new year after year.

As well as cleaning ceramic and stone tiles and grout, we can offer friendly advice on keeping your tiles clean and removing limescale and mold yourself. Our specialists have been working with tile floors and walls for over 30 years, delivering professional results for competitive prices in homes across the Sunshine Coast.

Our bathroom tiles cleaning services include:

  • Professional tile sealing with a gloss finish

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Over time, bathroom tiles can become water-stained, losing their vibrancy and developing a build-up of mold, mildew, and limescale. Shifting these stains can be hard work, particularly using off-the-shelf products. 

As professional tile cleaners, we have the tools and the expertise needed to get older tiles looking brand new, restoring them to their former beauty in a single afternoon. 

With our tile cleaning service, you can appreciate your bathroom tiles again, and enjoy a cleaner, brighter bathroom.


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Cleaning bathroom tiles isn't just time-consuming; it's also very hard work. Keeping on top of bathroom limescale, as well as cleaning the grouting between tiles, can mean hours of work without specialist cleaning tools and products. 

As Tile & Stone Specialists, we can carry out deep cleaning of your bathroom tiles, saving you time that would be better spent on more important jobs. 

The results of our professional tile cleaning are proven and long-lasting, leaving your bathroom clean for months to come.


epoxy tile grout

The Tile & Stone Specialists team are experts in tile cleaning and maintenance, operating across the Sunshine Coast for 35 years. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation, ensuring that every job we do is carried out to the highest standards. 

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, offering excellent value and results that you can trust every time. We work quickly and efficiently to achieve long-lasting results, saving you time and money when you book a tile cleaning with us.



We use a carefully developed procedure for cleaning tiles and grout, leaving them in fantastic condition. Our professional expertise means we can achieve results that are long-lasting and that might not be possible using commercially available cleaning products. We provide a deeper clean and a faster solution than cleaning your bathroom tiles yourself.

 Our experts begin by removing any loose dust and dirt before applying a powerful cleaner to soak through the grime. We then use specialist tools to thoroughly remove the stubborn dirt and grime from your tiles and grout. Once all the dirt is removed we rinse, dry, and polish your tiles, leaving them sparkly and rejuvenated.



Tiles are a significant part of many bathroom designs thanks to their convenience and aesthetic appeal. A large number of tiled surfaces can make cleaning feel more daunting but we can provide cleaning services for tiles used anywhere in your bathroom. Our thorough cleaning services cover tiled areas of the bathroom including: 

  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Shower cubicles
  • Splashbacks



For professional bathroom tiles cleaning from Sunshine Coast experts, choose The Tile & Stone Specialists. We’ve spent decades cleaning and maintaining tiles throughout the region and are fully equipped with the skills and tools needed to deliver impeccable results. To give your bathroom tiles a new lease of life contact us today.


Why should I choose professional services?

Regular cleaning at home is important but it only works to remove dirt from your tiles and grout at surface level. More deep-seated dirt builds up over time, especially in places that are in heavy use like your bathroom. Professional tile cleaners have the knowledge and equipment to give your tiles a deeper clean. Professional bathroom tile cleaning not only makes your bathroom more hygienic but can also drastically uplift the appearance of the room.

How often should my tiles be professionally cleaned?

It’s generally advisable to have your bathroom tiles professionally cleaned every 2-5 years. However, this is dependent on the amount of traffic and dirt in the bathroom. In some environments, it might be necessary to have your tiles professionally cleaned more regularly. We can advise you on how often is appropriate for your bathroom.

Do I need to do anything special before and after cleaning?

Before your bathroom tiles are cleaned all you need to do is remove any items that are in the way of the area being cleaned. Examples are plants, rugs, bins, and furniture. It’s also helpful if you sweep or vacuum the floor area prior to cleaning. After cleaning we recommend that you leave the tiled surfaces for at least 30 minutes before using them or returning items to their position.

How long does bathroom tile cleaning take?

This depends on the size of your bathroom, as well as the amount of dirt present. We can give you a more precise estimate once we understand your requirements. As a guide, a 30 square metre space usually takes 1-3 hours to clean.

What’s the most effective way to clean tiles myself?

Keeping your bathroom tiles clean yourself is important in between professional cleaning. The most suitable products depend on the finish of your tiles. For ceramic tiles, vinegar diluted with water is an effective cleaning agent. You can also use steam mops on ceramic tile floors. For marble finishes, soapy water and a soft cloth is a better approach. When we clean your tiles we can give you accurate advice about the best option for your tiles.