How often: A complete list

How often A complete list
  • Cleaning

Cleaning. It is an essential part of every household and every person. While it is not the most exciting thing to do in the world, it is certainly necessary. But on the other hand, nobody usually wants to do it more often than it is required. So, The Tile and Stone Specialists have come up with a list of how often the following things have to be cleaned for your convenience.


If you take care of your carpets according to our other blog, your carpet should be in great condition. But, depending on how much traffic you get on your carpet, including kids, pets, adults and spills, it is a good idea to get your carpet cleaned once in every 9 to 12 months. As it is often more convenient and easier to remember, getting your carpet cleaned once every year is good enough.

Tiled Floors

Again, if you follow our previous blogs and take care of your tiles accordingly, your tiles should stay new for a long time. But, it is often a good idea to get your tiles professionally cleaned at least once every year just to get rid of those stubborn scratches and stains.


A good way to tell if your upholstery needs cleaning is to run a damp white cloth along the back of your upholstery. If it comes up looking filthy, it’s probably time for a professional cleaning.

Pest Control

On the face of it, this seems unnecessary. You’re probably thinking, “Why should I get pest control if I don’t have a pest problem?” or “I just got a pest control session recently, why do I need another one?”. But experts say it is a good idea to get a pest control inspection once every 6 months just to make sure your home is safe. Better safe than sorry, right? Also, it is important to get a bi-monthly inspection after you’ve got a pest control treatment because sometimes pests lay eggs that are not affected by the treatment.