How to protect your carpet throughout the seasons

How to protect your carpet throughout the seasons
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Carpets are a great flooring choice. They are usually easier to deal with than tiles or timber floors. Carpets come in many sorts and designs, and most of them look quite appealing too. It takes quite a bit to throw a carpet out of whack, but if you manage to do that, the ruined carpet can destroy the entire aura of your home, both visually and smell wise. So, it is vital that you take care of your carpet. Now, there are different ways of doing this in the summer and winter. The Tile and Stone Specialists have chalked out a brief guide on how to care of your carpet throughout the seasons.

Carpet protection during summer

The Australian summer is world-famous for its amazing weather and sunshine. The Aussie summer is synonymous with barbies and beer! And sometimes, therein lies the problem. There is no issue with throwing a few snags on the barbie and having some beer to wash it down, but it becomes an issue when these things spill onto your carpet. So, do your best to keep the food, drinks, and ice creams on the table and in the yard. But if you do spill something on the carpet, a combination of vinegar and dishwasher works wonders to remove them!

Carpet protection during winter

Unlike summer, the problems your carpet faces in the winter is more associated with winter itself than the actions of the people using the carpet. Since it rains a lot during winter, check if there is any moisture damage anywhere on your floor. This might affect your carpet and make it smell really bad. Since it is wet outside often, chances are your pets might get muddy footprints on your carpet. Be careful not to let that happen.

Carpet protection during spring

Spring doesn’t pose much of a challenge for carpet owners. But having said that, be wary of those pesky pollen grains and vacuum your carpet often. You can also choose this season to get professional cleaning to prepare your carpet for summer. If you find yourself amidst a particularly nasty carpet situation, give us a call! We will be more than happy to help you out. After all, we are the most experienced team on the Sunshine Coast that deals with flooring issues like carpets and cleaning tile floors.