How Long Does Tile Sealing Last?

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Tile sealing provides outstanding protection against dirt, staining, spills and erosion. If your tiles need to be sealed, you may be wondering how long the sealer will last before it needs to be replaced. We've put together this helpful information to ensure you're in the know.

Lifespan Of Tile Sealer

The length of time your tile sealer will last will depend on the type of sealer you choose. A topical sealer can usually be expected to last around 3 years, while impregnating sealers have a lifespan of up to 15 years.

These particular sealers could even last a lifetime on a vertical surface, but if you use them on areas of high traffic and heavy use, such as showers, you should check the tiles more frequently and re-seal them if there's any sign of wear.

Assessing The Quality Of Your Sealer

To check the strength of your sealer, simply apply a drop of water to the surface of your tiles and observe how quickly it is absorbed. If your sealer is less effective or needs a touch-up, water will be more likely to be absorbed, leading to staining and damage.

Maintaining Your Sealed Tiles

There are simple things you can do to look after your sealed tiles and keep them protected for as long as possible. If you do notice a stain on your tiles, simply use mild bleach to remove it.

It's important you only use soft products or brushes to scrub your tiles - stiff or metal brushes could cause damage or scratches. If you've had grout laid, it will generally need to set for a month before sealing can occur. If the grout becomes stained before it's been sealed, simply use mild bleach and gentle scrubbing to keep it clean.

If your grout is sealed while it's still stained, you'll most likely never be able to remove the stain.

The Importance Of Sealing Tiles

Many people seal their grout and stop there, but it's just as important to seal porous tiles. Sealing isn't needed for ceramic or porcelain tiles, except when they have not been glazed.

In contrast, a porous stone tile is more likely to show up scratches or staining, so it will benefit from a quality seal to extend its life. Sealing ensures dirt, debris, water and other liquids aren't absorbed by your tiles, prevents damage during the application of grout, and allows stains to be easily removed. 

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