How Do Professionals Clean Tile And Grout Floors?

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

While tiles and grout can give a beautiful finish to your home or space, their look can deteriorate as dirt collects over time. If you've noticed your tiles and grout losing their shine, it's time to clean them. We know you want to achieve the quality finish and sparkle of the professionals, whose expertise and equipment guarantee a lasting shine. Here are some simple techniques the professionals use that you can emulate when cleaning your tile and grout floors.


The cleaning process begins with vacuuming or sweeping. Vacuuming your tiles effectively helps to loosen dirt or debris that may be trapped in your grout or stuck to your tiles. This ensures you're not just spreading dirt around and will lead to a more effective, higher-quality clean.


Professional tile cleaners will then mop the floor to remove any stains or dirt. To achieve a high-standard clean, ensure the water is changed frequently and your mop is rinsed to prevent streaks of dirt on the tiles. It's best to use a neutral or high-quality tile cleaning solution to mop floors; anything too acidic or strong can create discolouration. Professional tile cleaners are well aware of what products work best on particular surfaces.

The best way to clean your grout is with a soft cloth, hot water, and a cleaning solution - even a homemade remedy of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dishwashing liquid can do the job well. Just let the solution sit on the grout for ten minutes and then scrub with an old brush to remove any collected dirt or build-up.

Steam Cleaning Tiles

Professional tile and grout cleaners generally use steam cleaners to ensure the highest-quality job. Steam cleaners with a crevice attachment tool will allow the tiles and grout to be cleaned effectively. It's best to start in a small area of the space and work slowly around your tiles to ensure all dirt is removed.


The final necessary step in the cleaning process is drying the tiles and grout. Even with such extensive cleaning, there may still be dirt and residue on the tiles, so drying ensures it's completely removed and you'll be left with a surface that shines. It's recommended to have towels on hand for this step. An electric fan can also help dry the tiles more quickly.

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