What does a pressure cleaning involve?

What does a pressure cleaning involve
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Don’t you just love that satisfying moment when you can see dirt and grime just melting away to make way for a clean, pristine surface right before your very eyes? We do too. Because here at The Tile and Stone Specialists, we make that happen quite often through our pressure cleaning jobs. There are some grimy areas that just straight up require pressure cleaning like garage floors and stone steps. So, what does a pressure cleaning session consist of? The Tile and Stone Specialists has summarized the entire process below for your convenience. Here’s how the pros do it: The basic process is mixing the chemicals, and then spraying the dirty area with the water dispenser. But there is more to it than meets the eye.

Safety first

When it comes to safety, there can be no compromise. The professional pressure cleaner at your home will most likely wear work gear like work boots and gloves to protect himself from any harm that the water dispenser can cause. It might look harmless, but the water dispenser has been the cause of many injuries in the past. The professional will then take note of where your electrical cables and power points are, so he can avoid spraying those areas with water--because that can be deadly.

Mixture is key

Mixing the right proportions of cleaning agents and chemicals to water is very important. The more precise the workman can be about this, the more efficient the pressure cleaning job will be. Usually, a non-phosphate cleaner is used with a 1:4 ratio with water.


You will notice that the professional is maintaining a distance of about three feet from the point of contact. It is in the conscious effort of the person doing the cleaning to be as efficient as possible with the water and the chemical used for the job. Now that you know a bit more about pressure cleanings, maybe it’s time to get your garage floor or stone steps pressure cleaned. If you would like a pressure cleaning quote, just give The Tile and Stone Specialists a call. We will be more than happy to help you out with your pressure cleaning on the Sunshine Coast.